Sunday, February 28, 2010

one is Speaking the Silence/ можно Говорить Тишину

My head is been kinda empty the past few... well I don't know exactly how long... a while. I just know that I am restless here (Purdue). It is probably do to the fact that it is Spring semester and that it hardly has any breaks. I just don't feel at home anymore... (lol) not even in my own room. It is all the same... same buildings... same routine... sameness...! My roommate and I work out and exercise... that does not even help, the monotony, the stagnant waters of university. I love my Major, (russian and spanish included) It helps through the stagnant times. I love telling others about it, all the esh(es), ezh(es) and what not. All the genitive declensions, the "lisp" dialects, It is all great.

(one quick side note, I HATE MY COM. TA!!!! side not over)

I have long mondays and tuesdays, but the week gets better at the end, I will not have a good rest until....maybe a week after spring break....O well....LIFE is the word....