Saturday, September 26, 2009




/a/ - Aa
/e/ - Ee
/i/ - Ii
/o/ - Oo
/u/ - Uu
/ɨ/ - Yy
/b/ - Bb (m)
/p/ - Pp (f)
/m/ - Mm (n)
/n/ - Nn (n)
/d/ - Dd (m)
/t/ - Tt (f)
/g/ - Gg (m)
/k/ - Kk (f)
/r/ - Rr (n)
/l/ - Ll (n)
/ʐ/ - Жж (m)
/ʂ/ - Шш (f)
/s/ - Ss (f)
/z/ - Zz (m)
/f/ - Ff (f)
/v/ - Vv (m)
/j/ - Jj (n)
- h (adjective marker only, no sound given)


Nom- o, a, e j, aj, ej
Dat- odi, ati, eni doj, taj, meji
Gen- ozu, asu, enu zoj, saj, meju
Acc- ogy, aky, eny goj, kaj, mej


Gender- Mas(o, cons.) Fem(a, u) Neut(e, i, y)

man-vodo Pl

Nom.- vodo vodoj

Dat.- vododi vodozoj

Gen.- vodozu vodozoj
Acc.- vodogy vodogoj

woman-satu PL

Nom.- satu sataj

Dat.- satuti satutaj

Gen.- satusu satusaj
Acc.- satuky satukaj

child-meli PL

Nom.- meli melej

Dat.- melini melimeji

Gen.- melinu melimeju
Acc.- meliny melimej

I - je
you - ji
he/she/it - On, An, Yn
we - jer
you (For.) jir
they - yni

Nom.- je, ji, on, an, yn, jer, jir, yni
Dat.- jeni, jini, ondi, anti, ynni, jerni, jirni, ynini
Gen.- jenu, jinu, onzu, ansu, ynnu, jernu, jirnu, yninu
Acc.- jeny, jiny, ongy, anry, ynne, jerny, jirny, yniny

the verb is congigated to number and the marker of tense is added to the front of the noun.

Pres. -
marker- ш(i)

sig cong. for "m" ending verbs remove "m"

"" for "n" add ot

"" for "l" remove and add jo

PL cong. for "m" ending verbs add i

"" for "n" add y

"" for "l" e

EX: love- Tiшem
singular- Tiшe
PL- Tiшemi

EX: hate- Karon
singular- Karoot (oot= owt)

EX: eat- mul
singular- mujo
PL- mule

Past. -
marker - ro
for past cong. leave

EX:love- Tiшem

I loved you.
roje tiшem jiny.

Must match gender number and case.
The endings depend on the letter occurring befor the vowel. if it is fem cons you get oh, uh, ih, joh

if it is mas cons you get oh, uh, yh, joh

if nueter cons you get oh, ah, eh, joh

Adjective endings

Masculine- oh
Feminine- uh, ah
Neuter- ih, eh, yh
Pl- joh

EX: Young- Litroh
mas fem fem neu. neu neu. pl.
nom. Litoh Lituh ah eh Litih yh Litjoh

dat. Litoho Lituhu aha ehe Litihi yhy Litohjo

gen. Litohi Lituhi ahi ehi Litih yhi Litjohi

acc. Litohj Lituhj ahj ehj Litihj yhj Litjohj

EX: Old- Isloh

mas fem fem neu. neu neu. pl.
nom. Isloh uh Islah Isleh ih yh Isljoh

dat. Isloho uhu Islaha Islehe ihi yhy Islohjo

gen. Islohi uhi Islahi Islehi ih yhi Isljohi

acc. Islohj uhj Islahj Islehj ihj yhj Isljohj

to make an adverb remove adjectival ending and put double
no pronounciation differance.


op - of (gen)
kit - to (dat)


just messing around with morphological things :D

I love it sooooo much!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Computers and the Evil Chickens and other things

SO my dear and fair readers I have had computer troubles the last few weeks. Starting labor day weekend my computer would barely get out of screen saver mode alive (it is not very smart). So nicholas decided it is best to full system resotre and man was he right it worked amazingly (for the first two weeks). After the firtst two weeks, it slowed down again, and it decided on tuesday that it would do an update or 3. Well it decided to freeze and screw up my computer. It (vistas updates) knoced out some of my drivers (ether port, sound card, and wireless card for example) so nicholas then decided to try XP but we did not know at the time that all of my internet was not working, so it was useless. But then god spoke to Nicholas and said "Windows 7, windows 7" Nicholas then got windows seven and it works amazing now!!!! I love it so much!!!!

so i have come up with this theory that my EVIL chickens devised this plot to destroy my computer, they used their little chicken brains and built this EM (electro-magnetic) machine to send waves and mess up my computer!


On another note, my STATS exam was wednesday, i am not sure of my grade but i am hoping for a good one, we will see. Russian is easy and fantastic!!! Spanish, well, .... that is all i will say. Linguistics is going really well, and so is my Classics course.

have fun readers
and Я люблю Николаса!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


My favorite russian names and the names I would name my children, i will also decline them in the 7 russian cases:


Nom.- Дмитрий
Gen.- Дмитрия
Dat.- Дмитрию
Acc.- Дмитрия
Inst.- Дмитрием
Prep.- Дмитрие


Nom.- Александр
Gen.- Александра
Dat.- Александру
Acc.- Александра
Inst.- Александром
Prep.- Александре


Nom.- Ваня
Gen.- Вани
Dat.- Ване
Acc.- Ваню
Inst.- Ваней
Prep.- Ване


Nom.- Света
Gen.- Светы
Dat.- Свете
Acc.- Свету
Inst.- Светой
Prep.- Свете


Nom.- Анастасия
Gen.- Анастасии
Dat.- Анастасие
Acc.- Анастасию
Inst.- Анастасией
Prep.- Анастасие

I hope you enjoyed this :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Lena Sergeevna Katina

So all bloggie people, Lena Katina, the other half of the Group t.A.T.u. has now today reveled he new Official website. She is creating her solo album but the good thing is t.A.T.u. will still go on, on the side :)))

So I love it sooooo much!!! it is a great site and she looks so pretty. I am hoping her album comes out soon, i am looking forward to it :D
I am sure it will be a fantastic album!!! i will keep you all posted. I give Lena my best and hope she does well with her solo carrier!

but always FOREVER TATU


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The danger is the truth, they die and come again.

So I am sitting here on this Thursday morning. I have 2 classes today, Russian Conversations and Spanish back to back in the same room. I am getting read to do my STATS cpr stuff....

Well my air in Shreve decided to go out and not come back. Well i hope it gets fixed soon.

Also I got used again. Wow idk why ppl think that they can use me. I just want to help, but when i help and they don't tell me that it is fixed so i have to ask them
and they don't even want to have a convo. Whatever....

Well i need to get on to my stats stuff.

P.S. 8 months :D <3


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Russian Script

SO in my AMAZING russian class we have learned russian "cursive" as we call it. It is amazing, i love it, my hand writing looks amazing when it is like that. I have a picture that shows you what it looks like :)

Click on the pic to see it bigger :)))

I love it so much!

It is one of my fav songs :DDD

I have russian convo. tomorrow :D


love love love!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Миру Мир! Навсегда!

Мой мир умирает и здесь скоро я буду умирать....так пожалуйста со мной дыши. Мир наш будет жить, если дыши со мной!

Forever is the love of me,
It lasts into eternity.
My live my love,
My soul and fear.

Love me and i will you
hate me and i do too
release the pain
and see me here

Love always this world
for it sustains you
and i am of this world
and i will comfort you too.

Hear its cry in the night
for we pain it
with all of our might
"heal me" it cries.

To the end what will we see
the world dead
or flying free?

Love always

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 weeks

So ladies and Gents. it has been a while. Just an update of how Things are going.

Classes are GREAT, I love them all!!!! ESP. russian!!!!

Today is my Bday and it was great Sooooo many good friends :D

Esp. Nicholas who is beyond my best friend!!!! He is off any scale that exists! <3

so today was also very busy, crazy wow! but today will be much more clam!

LOVE YOU (NikGol!!!)

Will post more later!