Friday, May 21, 2010

Knowing Who You Are?

So over the last 2 weeks while I was at Purdue's Campus (my second semester Sophomore year) I decided that I would look into my Heritage. It is important to me, because me being a person that only knows English (fluently) it would give me more of a motivation to learn more languages. My mothers side, is from Kentucky and that goes back to who knows when before it gets to the British Isles. My Dads side is easier to trace (kinda), his dads side is harder but he dads mothers mother's father was born in Alsace, Germany (France). It is a region on the border of France and Germany and I am not sure who controlled it then. My Dads mothers side goes straight to Finland with a side salad of Germany. My dads mother (Sarah Lehto) had parents that their parents were born in Finland. Her Father (Waino Arthur Lehto) both of his parents were born in finland. His parents were Vaino Lehto and Briita Alatalo. Vaino's parents were born in Finland and their names were Emanuel Lehto and Liisa Karilaniemi. Briita's parents were born in Finland also and their names were Abraham Palowaara and Amanda Alatalo. If we go back to Sarah's mother Sigrid Kutramo, here parents were born in finland. Her father was William Kurtamo and his parents are less know about i have his father being W. Kutamoinen and the mother as Wihlemiina. Her mother was Hilda Stenberg and her father was born in Germany and named John Stenberg her mother though was born in Finland and named Sofia Waati.

I love genealogy 1) because it lets me find out more about were I am from and 2) I get to see what countries, cultures and languages were in my past.

Hope you all can find out more about your ANcestory!