Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Six days

I guess I will start here....
I will be leaving on 14th of june at around 2:30 pm form O'Hare in Chicago to embark on my journey to Russia. I will have about a 3 hour lay over in Frankfurt Germany on the flight there where Idk if i will have time walk around at 5:00 in the morning. Then set to arrive in St. Pete at 1:15 pm. I will be in a hotel for a few days going through orientation and such. I will then get my host families address and be taken to them.
AFter 8 weeks of studying and traveling and all the other stuff, i will leave st. pete on august 11th at 5 am and have a six hour lay over in Munich Germany. Then arrive back in Chi. at 3:00 pm.. now that is everything goes through according to plan.

Keep looking for more posts i will try to update regularly.

Lots of Fun to be had soon!