Monday, August 17, 2009

Boring Mondays

Well I have not done much today. I woke up at 7 am watched some Golden Girls, while i Chatted with Nicholas via the internet. I had a nice Cucumber Sandwich for Lunch. I am hoping to go cash my check and put some of into my Checking account today. See, I told you Mondays are not Manic, they are Boring.

Я навсегда люблю тебя!
Нафаня Кайлович Марксов

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manic Sundays

And you thought they were "Manic Mondays" well you for got Sundays.

So today I was woken up at 5:40 am, to get ready to go down to mamaw's so we can get here and go to church. She lives in Versailles, Indiana so it is about 2 hours from our hows. We get there and my dad has to first get her battery out of her old honda and put it in the van so after church we can see if we can get her a new one.

We Finally arrive in Madison (about an hour away form her house) at the church building. We go through the worship service. The Adult Bible Study was about the book of Numbers in the Old test. and to be Honest, i have know idea what the teacher even said. Then we had the sermon which was about the first few chapters of first kings in the old test.

We leave church at 11 am when it gets over and we head to a place to eat. We decide on Ponderosa. Well the food was not good, lol but o well we eat and then headed to walmart. My mom and dad went to check the batteries and Mamaw went to get a few things like Centrum Silver, Rasins, Slim Fast, 4 Peaches (o what else) Gum for us kids, and some other random things.

Well we got back and I then was asked to see if i wanted any of my papaw's clothes (he recently passed away) and i said sure so i tried on SEVERAL dozen things, and got a hand full or 4 bags worth lol.

We stayed down there until 4 pm, then left.

We were on the road, for about an hour, then we get just a bit past Shelbyville on some Interstate, when boom, huge traffic jam. My pacients just died at this point, Caleb (my brother) is snoring loud we are in a traffic jam, so naturally i got irritated. well we finally got back home, around 7:07 pm.

and that is why Sundays are more of a Manic day than Mondays

ttyl readers!


Saturday, August 15, 2009


'Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.'

-Gene Fowler-

So this quote, it suits me lol. What I mean is, that i like to write. I am very fond of creative writing, which for me extend to poems to short stories. I had to to a short story for my AP English class senior year and I loved it. It helps me get all my imagination on paper and show what really is in my mind. I don't know why I like doing it, I just do and that is enough for me. I will give you an excerpt of my short story that I wrote...

"...2017, I was working on research that I had been doing from home to college and since. I had done it, discovered the final Element, I decided to name it Jenovium. I named it after a villain in a Final Fantasy game that I loved to play when I was younger. That day was good, but I got something in the mail that day that made it the worst. I opened an invitation to a wedding, at first I thought it was to Adam and Christina’s, but I remembered they just went to the justice of the peace, no big wedding for them. A ball of pure lead formed in my stomach. I was sweating and dizzy, I had to sit down and take a drink of water. It read, “Brian, I know we have grown apart, but I want you to be there for me. Please come to the wedding, it would mean so much to both of us. Please come! Your friend, Brittney Millennia.” I was stunned that she would dare to think that things were ok. So I wrote her back saying I cannot due to the fact that my discovery is sending me to Spain. I was not lying; I went to Spain that weekend and was there for a year. I was there solo otro vez (all by myself) and worked with a Spanish Chemist, during that year..."

Hop you enjoyed

Любовь Всегда


t.A.T.u. Me!

Ok all the readers, I have this slight obsession with t.A.T.u. (тату). I love their music SO much. I don't have a favorite song, but I can list a few I really enjoy.

-Я сошла с ума (ya soshla s uma)-
-Not Gonna Get Us-
-All About Us-
-How Soon is Now-
-Не верь, Не бойся (Ne ver', Ne boysya)-
-Люди Инвалиды (lyudi invalidi)-
-You and I-
-Белый Плащик (beliy plaschik)-

You can learn more at

Poem Selecitons

Just a few of my poems.

A void deep inside somewhere,
Beams of light can only wish to get there.
Vexed by my own thoughts in my own mind,
I try to escape. Bind,
them in chains so they cannot be free,
to hid it, my elusive anarchy.
The world condemns them to die,
but to flee I must go somewhere high.
If I am caught I will be punished in,
a dark world, because of my obscure sin.
I wish only to be me,
And not what someone wants me to be.
So I still bind my thoughts with in my mind,
and to not get caught I leave them behind.
In some time, I pray,
that I can reveal my thoughts one day.


Darkness blinded by love until death.

Is my love as lovely as I think her to be?
With her hair like the fire that sets in the west,
Which glistens in an orange like hue at its best.
Her soft peach like complexion radiates me.
Clothes of fine cloth, always on her I see.
Jewels and pearls hang closely near her chest,
Like her smile, they shine like all the rest,
And her eyes are calm serene pools to me.
But through them I see a dark twisted soul.
Her tongue of fire, that burns all in its path.
An ice cold heart dwells deep inside her chest,
With lies and malice she makes her bed whole.
I only, now see my loves deep dark wrath,
Now the dark has come to take her to her rest.


Breathe Deep

Breathe deep,
Close eyes,
And let it be a surprise.

You hear,
Some song,
So your heart is a choir throng.

Earth shake,
Feelings that I create.

One word,
It speaks,
The heart beats climax to their peaks.

Soft touch,
Smooth skin,
Let the love settle in.

Eyes peer,
And see your loving Dear.

One breath,
One tear,
And all the love in the world is here.

You love,
Love returns,
The flame of it always burns.

The Start: Me

Пирвет всем!
¡Hola todos!
Hello everyone!

I would like to give an introduction to myself.
My name is Nathan Marks and I am a student at the University of Purdue. My area of study is Linguistics, Spanish, and Russian. I love languages, and all the variety of grammar rules and things like that. I am living (right now) at my home in Frankton, Indiana, but soon (in a week) I will move back up to West Lafayette and start my Schooling. I love writing poems and studying different aspects of language. I am a big Fan of Final Fantasy and games like that. This is just a little introduction to my many many posts to come. Have a great day!

See you later.
Hasta Luego.