Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manic Sundays

And you thought they were "Manic Mondays" well you for got Sundays.

So today I was woken up at 5:40 am, to get ready to go down to mamaw's so we can get here and go to church. She lives in Versailles, Indiana so it is about 2 hours from our hows. We get there and my dad has to first get her battery out of her old honda and put it in the van so after church we can see if we can get her a new one.

We Finally arrive in Madison (about an hour away form her house) at the church building. We go through the worship service. The Adult Bible Study was about the book of Numbers in the Old test. and to be Honest, i have know idea what the teacher even said. Then we had the sermon which was about the first few chapters of first kings in the old test.

We leave church at 11 am when it gets over and we head to a place to eat. We decide on Ponderosa. Well the food was not good, lol but o well we eat and then headed to walmart. My mom and dad went to check the batteries and Mamaw went to get a few things like Centrum Silver, Rasins, Slim Fast, 4 Peaches (o what else) Gum for us kids, and some other random things.

Well we got back and I then was asked to see if i wanted any of my papaw's clothes (he recently passed away) and i said sure so i tried on SEVERAL dozen things, and got a hand full or 4 bags worth lol.

We stayed down there until 4 pm, then left.

We were on the road, for about an hour, then we get just a bit past Shelbyville on some Interstate, when boom, huge traffic jam. My pacients just died at this point, Caleb (my brother) is snoring loud we are in a traffic jam, so naturally i got irritated. well we finally got back home, around 7:07 pm.

and that is why Sundays are more of a Manic day than Mondays

ttyl readers!


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