Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poem Selecitons

Just a few of my poems.

A void deep inside somewhere,
Beams of light can only wish to get there.
Vexed by my own thoughts in my own mind,
I try to escape. Bind,
them in chains so they cannot be free,
to hid it, my elusive anarchy.
The world condemns them to die,
but to flee I must go somewhere high.
If I am caught I will be punished in,
a dark world, because of my obscure sin.
I wish only to be me,
And not what someone wants me to be.
So I still bind my thoughts with in my mind,
and to not get caught I leave them behind.
In some time, I pray,
that I can reveal my thoughts one day.


Darkness blinded by love until death.

Is my love as lovely as I think her to be?
With her hair like the fire that sets in the west,
Which glistens in an orange like hue at its best.
Her soft peach like complexion radiates me.
Clothes of fine cloth, always on her I see.
Jewels and pearls hang closely near her chest,
Like her smile, they shine like all the rest,
And her eyes are calm serene pools to me.
But through them I see a dark twisted soul.
Her tongue of fire, that burns all in its path.
An ice cold heart dwells deep inside her chest,
With lies and malice she makes her bed whole.
I only, now see my loves deep dark wrath,
Now the dark has come to take her to her rest.


Breathe Deep

Breathe deep,
Close eyes,
And let it be a surprise.

You hear,
Some song,
So your heart is a choir throng.

Earth shake,
Feelings that I create.

One word,
It speaks,
The heart beats climax to their peaks.

Soft touch,
Smooth skin,
Let the love settle in.

Eyes peer,
And see your loving Dear.

One breath,
One tear,
And all the love in the world is here.

You love,
Love returns,
The flame of it always burns.

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