Thursday, September 24, 2009

Computers and the Evil Chickens and other things

SO my dear and fair readers I have had computer troubles the last few weeks. Starting labor day weekend my computer would barely get out of screen saver mode alive (it is not very smart). So nicholas decided it is best to full system resotre and man was he right it worked amazingly (for the first two weeks). After the firtst two weeks, it slowed down again, and it decided on tuesday that it would do an update or 3. Well it decided to freeze and screw up my computer. It (vistas updates) knoced out some of my drivers (ether port, sound card, and wireless card for example) so nicholas then decided to try XP but we did not know at the time that all of my internet was not working, so it was useless. But then god spoke to Nicholas and said "Windows 7, windows 7" Nicholas then got windows seven and it works amazing now!!!! I love it so much!!!!

so i have come up with this theory that my EVIL chickens devised this plot to destroy my computer, they used their little chicken brains and built this EM (electro-magnetic) machine to send waves and mess up my computer!


On another note, my STATS exam was wednesday, i am not sure of my grade but i am hoping for a good one, we will see. Russian is easy and fantastic!!! Spanish, well, .... that is all i will say. Linguistics is going really well, and so is my Classics course.

have fun readers
and Я люблю Николаса!!!


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