Friday, September 4, 2009

Миру Мир! Навсегда!

Мой мир умирает и здесь скоро я буду умирать....так пожалуйста со мной дыши. Мир наш будет жить, если дыши со мной!

Forever is the love of me,
It lasts into eternity.
My live my love,
My soul and fear.

Love me and i will you
hate me and i do too
release the pain
and see me here

Love always this world
for it sustains you
and i am of this world
and i will comfort you too.

Hear its cry in the night
for we pain it
with all of our might
"heal me" it cries.

To the end what will we see
the world dead
or flying free?

Love always

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