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Fonеtike (Phonetics)

Konlasnonitus (Consonants)

Ff - /f/
Vv - /v/
Nn - /n/
Mm - /m/
Tt - /t/
Dd - /d/
Kk - /k/
Gg - /g/
Bb - /b/
Pp -/p/
Ss - /s/
Zz - /z/
Ll - /l/
Rr - /
Ññ - /
Гг - /ŋ/
Шш - /ʃ/
Жж - /ʒ/
Cc - /t
Jj - /j/

Voksnititus (Vowels)

Aa - /ɒ/
Oo - /ɔ/
Óó - /oʊ/
Ee - /eɪ/
Uu - /u/
Ii - /i/

Diftoгoitus (Diphthongs)

Ja - /ja/
Jó - /joʊ/
Ju - /ju/
ou - /ow/
oi - /oi/
ii - /

Subonitikitus (Nouns)
Sukpolso (Gender)

(Masculine) Mas
огоpós Subonitikitus: Consonant
(Feminine) Femskipós Subonitikitus: a, e, u
(Neuter) Netnipós Subonitikitus: o, ó, i

(Pluarl) Monжespós Subonitikitus:
All nouns in singular nominative form will end in the listed gender above. To make a noun plural you remove the ending if it ends in a noun then add “itus”

(Cases) Paditus:
(Nominative) Nomnitipsii
All endings are the subject form and you add “itus” for nom. plural

(Genitive) Genitepsii
Masculine- Sing. –anes, pl. anus
Feminine- sing.
–inas, pl. anus
Neuter- sing –anu, pl. anus

(Dative) Datelnupsii
Masculine- Sing. –ukis, pl. uksis
Feminine- sing.
–eksas, pl. uksis
Neuter- sing – uksió, pl. uksis

(Accusative) Aksitepsii
Masculine- Sing. –tar, pl. taris
Feminine- sing.
–utara, pl. taris
Neuter- sing – toi, pl. taris

(Examples) Esimarigmitus
Kiska – Cat
Nom s Kiska, pl Kiskitus,
Gen s Kiskinas, pl Kiskanus,
Dat s Kiskeksas, pl Kiskuksis,
Acc s Kisktar, pl Kisktaris,

Koilós - Dog
Nom s Koilós, pl Koilósitus,
Gen s Koilósanes, pl Koilósanus,
Dat s Koilósukis, pl Koilósuksis,
Acc s Koilóstar, pl Koilóstaris,
This is part one of the Construction of my new language

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