Monday, January 4, 2010

more on my new language

There are three types of adjective endings –ij, -ov, and , -mn
The –ij adjectives usually represent the physical description of a noun, like color, size, appearance etc
The –ov adjectives usually represent the the skill something has, adjectives like, quick, sneaky etc
The –mn adjectives are more abstract ideas dealing with like emotion such as hopeful, sad, happy etc.

Adjective Declension






Add -os

Same as nominative

Same as nominative


Add –os

Add -n

Sam as nominative


Add -os

Same as nominative

Sam as nominative

To make the adjective plural do the same as nouns exept ad a filler vowel “o” to the –k but the other cases get –ee. Adjectives can get the same particles added to them. The question particles must be attached to both but the emphatic particle does not have to be attached to both if you are just stressing the size of the thing then you attach it to the adjective

Big – Grobij
to the big men – et grobije* meesjunee
*in the dative and accusative of the –ij adjective the –ee ending is shortened before the –ijsw

Quick - Izlov
of the quick women – s izlovosee naniseek*
*the plural maker for any noun in any case that has a double vowel or ends in the same vowel as the –ee will be changed back to the –k plural ending.

Sad – xalomn
in the our sad trees – a xalomneeno drivoiceeno

Adverbs and To be:

Adverbs are formed from adjectives and all adverbs have the same ending and will always come before the verb. To form an andverb you must remeove the adjective ending and add –u

Quick – izlov à Quickly – izlu

To be - kje

The to be verb is omitted in the present. It is very irregular in all froms

No reduplication in any form:

Present – I am = Aaz kje
Past – I was = Aaz kjuru
Future – I will be = Aaz bii
Conditional – I would be = Aaz poo

Imperative – Be + adverb = Je izlu – be quick (quick like)


Brown – nedij
Dog – anja
To run – Fuuge
Cat - gat

The brown dog ran away from your cat.
Nedij anja fufuugeuru uuna gatsiido.

The Brown cats ran away from you!
Nedijk gatk fufuugeuru uuna den!

The cats of the trees run away from the brown man of light.
Gatk drivsaee fufuuge uuna nedijos meesjus iliitse.

The big brown dog runs quickly away from our house.
Grobij nedij anja izlu fufuuge uuna mustosaano.

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